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Netsuke Artists


Janel Jacobson

Jim Kelso

Hiroaki Nakanishi

Doug Sanders

Cornel Schneider

Tom Sterling

Gregg Stradiotto

David Carlin (another site with other work by David)



International Netsuke Society Devoted to the study and collection of netsuke.

The Carving Path online forum for carvers from many disciplines, whose work involves small scale carving

The ShinŽenKan Foundation Collection of Japanese Art, mostly from the Edo period

KORYUEN Netsuke A Japanese web site devoted to the promotion and advancement of netsuke art.

The Netsuke Online Research Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and research of netsuke art for the global community.

Other Artists

Tony Natsoulas Ceramic, bronze and fiberglass life size sculptures.

Frank Egan Greek, Roman and No. African bronze oil lamps. l

Karen Shapiro Raku sculpture of American pop icons Hot Flash Welding - Welded steel tables with mosaic tile or glass tops and other decorative and useful items

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