David Carlin

Artist's Statement

It was a dark and stormy night in the fleeting hours of a young man's blind stumble through the post art school career decisions. Then by chance, confronted with the hitherto unseen small sculpture of the Japanese, a bonding flame was lit. So it came to pass in 1967.

The works are part of a lineage defined by periods of changing style and subject. All the pieces adhere to a detailed, small, hard material, story telling format. Each is an original design and most are unique in subject.

Today it continues unbroken, self supporting, respectably collected, museum exhibited and globally exposed. It is an art form about stories. It tells them, it creates them, it is spawned by them and it carries them into the future.


Selected Exhibitions and Galleries

2003 Contemporary Netsuke: The HIH Prince Takamado Collection, Salt and Tobacco Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
2001 Chiba City Museum of Art, Chiba, Japan.
2001 International Netsuke Society Convention, Boston, MA.
2000 Arts of Pacific Asia, New York, NY
1999 The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, New York.
1999 International Netsuke Society Convention, Chicago. Workshop and lecture.
1999 Yamada Co. show, Sebu Dept. Store, Tokyo.
1999 Mishima Taisha Museum, Shizuoka, Japan.
1998 Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN
1997 Salt and Tobacco Museum, Japan.
1997 Museum of East Asian Art, Berlin.
1997 Bowers Museum, Santa Anna, CA.
1997 SOFA (Sculptural Objects, Functional Art), Chicago. Exhibit, lecture and slide show.
1997 SOFA Show, Miami.
1997 International Netsuke Society Convention, Hawaii. Panelist.
1996 SOFA Show, Chicago.
1995 International Netsuke Socitey Convention, New York. Panelist.
1995 Arts of Pacific Asia, Santa Monica, CA.
1994 Los Angeles County Museum of Art, netsuke exhibit.
1994 British National Museum, netsuke exhibit.
1994 Arts of Pacific Asia, Santa Monica, CA. Lecture and slide show.
1993 International Netsuke Socitey Convention, Chicago.
1993 Arts of Pacific Asia, Santa Monica, CA.
1991 International Netsuke Socitey Convention, San Francisco.
1991 Art in the Redwoods, California. Awards.
1988 Gumps Dept. Store, San Francisco.
1987 Michael Spindel Ltd., New York. Private dealer.
1987-86 Stary-Sheets Gallery, CA.
1987-86 "A" Gallery, Palm Desert, CA.
1987-85 National Wood Artists Show, Gallery Fair, Mendocino, CA.
1987-79 Contemporary Artisans/Elaine Potter Gallery, San Francisco.
1986 Fresno Art Gallery, CA. Solo exhibit.
1985 David Stuart Gallery, Los Angeles. Solo show of erotic art.
1985 Wing Gallery. No. Hollywood, CA. Three person show.
1985-82 The Works Gallery, Philadelphia.
1985-82 The Hand and Spirit Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ.
1982-76 Del Mano Galleries, Pasadena and Glendale, CA.
1981 Crocker Museum, Sacramento, CA. Two person show with Armin Muller.
1980-77 Meyer Breyer and Weiss Gallery, San Francisco.
1980-77 E. Fortner Gallery. Santa Barbara.
1979 M. H. de Young Museum, San Francisco. Museum shop show, catalog.
1979 American Crafts Council Show, San Francisco.
1978-71 Dickens Faires, San Francisco. Juror, awards.
1978-68 Renaissance Pleasure Faires, CA. Juror, awards.
1975 Phoenix Gallery, Big Sur, CA.
1975 Fairtree Gallery, New York.
1973 Concord All West Show, Concord, CA. Category award winner.
1971 Galleria del Sol, Santa Barbara, CA.


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